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At the bakery

Bread was probably the first processed food mankind prepared. There's nothing like the smell of freshly-baked bread. Bread making is a ritual.
Στο φούρνο
Στο φούρνο
στο φούρνο
Στο φούρνο

Though it has evolved, its essence has remained unchanged down the millennia – bread-making serves to link our modern selves with our roots and traditions.  All you need to make tasty bread are flour, water, salt, sugar, leaven or yeast, love and patience. The different stages in bread making are:

> kneading, when all the ingredients are thoroughly mixed together,

> proving, when the dough is given time to rise, and

> baking

During modern times, the industrialization of bread making haw become a decisive step in creating the modern world. Nowadays, despite the huge progress that has been noted due to implementation of new scientifically acclaimed methods, the preparation of good bread, to a large degree, still retains an element of artistry. The human factor continues to be decisive, with the specialists providing inspiration, passion, craftsmanship, and experience, ability to properly select the raw materials, which all together continually enhance and enrich the continually evolving art of bread making.

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