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The role of nutrition in our health  A varied and balanced diet plays a crucial role in keeping us physically healthy, but also happy and in good spirits. It provides vital nutrients –proteins, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins, minerals, trace elements, dietary fibres and water– all of which are essential because they provide us with the energy we need to function and produce, the building blocks required to build a healthy body, and the core ingredients that allow our organs to function as they should. Ensuring variety in the food we eat is a prerequisite for a balanced diet.

Obesity and malnutrition 

Τhe unequal distribution of food between different parts of the world has led to two very serious, and paradoxical, problems. While a large part of the Earth's population has only limited access to food, which leads to malnutrition, an even larger number consumes food in excess and suffers obesity as a result.

Learning to eat healthy 

Α good meal requires the presence of a food variety in our diet. It seems right to choose a protein-rich food (eg meat, fish, egg, cheese, pulses etc.) in combination with carbohydrate-rich foods (eg bread, rice, whole grain pasta, potatoes etc.) and a big salad featuring a variety of vegetables. Μain source of fat should be olive oil and the meal should be followed by some fruit.

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