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The history of Loulis Mills

The history of Loulis Mills begins in 1782 in a small stone mill in Aetorachi, a village near Ioannina.

The family and the mills 

The history of Loulis Food Ingredients begins in 1782 in a small stone mill in Aetorachi, a village near Ioannina. In the two and a half centuries since then, seven generations of the Loulis Family have devoted their working lives to milling and to Loulis Mills, which have continued to evolve and grow, expanding throughout Greece and the Balkans.  Today, under the management of the seventh generation of Loulis family bakers, Loulis Food Ingredients is the largest flour manufacturer in GREECE.

Loulis Food Ingredients today 

The company boasts three cutting-edge flour production units –one in Sourpi near Volos, in Keratsini in Attica and Bulgaria – along with the Kenwood plant in Thiva, Central Greece, where both baking materials and bakery and confectionery mixtures are manufactured. The three units are equipped with the most up-to-date Quality Control and Research & Development laboratories. Top and consistent quality is not our only concern; our products are also backed up by high-level additional services which seek to educate, serve and develop our customer base. The company's four privately-owned distribution centres cover the whole of Greece. Consumers find our products under the brand name “St. George Mills”. Loulis Mills is committed to a Corporate Responsibility programme which is focused on education and implemented through both the Loulis Museum and the Greek Baking School.


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